Sunday, February 7, 2016

Exquisite Corpse

I found no joy in gross mutilation or dismemberment, not then; it was the subtle whisper and slice of the razor that appealed to me. I liked my boys as they were, big dead dolls with an extra weeping crimson mouth or two. I would keep them with me for as much as a week, until the smell in my flat grew obvious. I did not find the odour of death unpleasant. It was rather like cut flowers left too long in stagnant water, a heavy sickish sweetness that coated the nostrils and curled into the back of the throat with every breath.

Poppy Z. Brite

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Sara said...

What did you think of the whole piece?

Rot said...

The book?
I really dug it.
I'm a huge Poppy Z. Brite fan.

Jeanne Wright said...

I haven't read her stuff in years. What a blast from the past.

Sara said...

Actually I had no idea it was an excerpt from a book. LOL. I actually live under a rock. Anyway, I figured it was a standalone piece. I did read the excerpt.

girl6 said...

wow that pic & poppy's words are glorious together. he's such a gorgeous writer, really. he has been thru so much in his life which has shaped him into the man & person he is today. i don't think he would give up any of his personal pains & struggles for anything, especially not his art.

makes me sad & pissed too, that he's copied & ripped off so much & by people who haven't had to go thru any of the personal & spiritual struggles he has gone thru. it's like they use poppy's sufferings & think BY changing it up a little bit here & there (nobody will notice---BUT i always notice) AND pen their name to it.

so terrible to do that to someone's work. it's like, "oh i'll just take someone elses heart & i'll tailor it down & i'll sew MY label on it..Lame.O.

when i come across a thiever of others words....i never read their stuff again. i do that for peeps like Poppy, they deserve that.

LOVE LOVE Poppy & favourite southern boys!!