Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Now Playing: The Revenant Soundtrack

Wonderful film with a terrific dark ambient-ish score.

Click below for a 45 minute track someone put together with the main theme...


Shani said...

We finally saw it the other night! Awesome...awesome movie! I love the fact that there wasn't a lot of dialogue but it still captured attention. We were on the edge of our seats for most of it!!

girl6 said...

this was awesome on the BIG Screen, sucha Beauty. felt some Terrence Malick flavour mixed with that "Valhalla Rising" film (not Malick). i like when a film makes me feel like i'm lost in a dream. like wait...did that just happen or did i just think it happened. "New World" made me feel like that too, not much dialogue, so it's easy to slip off into a dream state or slumber while you're watching it. art man, true art.

girl6 said...

a Brutal Film...but...ohhh, so pretty.
& that Tom Hardy...HAHAHHA...Effer!!
i swear that was a Philly accent he was doing?. : D

Oh & speaking of about Bone Tomahawk?!?! what did you think Rot?
even had Snake Plisssssssken was in it..hahha

Rot said...

I thought that was David Paulides!

girl6 said...

you remembered!. : )
Yep..David P. is Snake.<3

The Creeping Cruds said...

Loved The Revenant (actually both Revenants - the vampire film is great too).
I watched this one twice and turned on subtitles for the second viewing - and yeah there was A LOT of stuff I missed the first time!

girl6 said...

Hey Rot..remember Tom Hardy as Shinzon in Star Trek Nemesis? HAHAHA omg...for some reason whenever i think of that it blows my mind!!. : D

Rot said...

oh, I do.
what a dreadful movie.
such a weird way to end the TNG movie series. unfortunate.

He was great though as the weird young picard-romulan.

Dude's a chameleon

girl6 said...

Crazy Movie!!!.hahaha
yeah, Tom was Awesome!!. he tickles me.