Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bad Ben



Rot said...

This looks GREAT.
Thanks for the recommendation, girl6.

I have a feeling I'm going to feel so terrible for that poor guy.

Jay's Shadow said...

I enjoy found footage movies, they can make you feel like your right there.

Man pulls chair back to original spot. Ghost pulls it back away, then man tells the ghost to stop...........yup, that would be me. I finally got my room the way I want it to be, don't move my stuff around ghosties :D

Sara said...

Aw helllno. Kids and evil alter egos. Shudder. I have enough of that crap in real life! Hah!

girl6 said...

hahahaha...that drawing!!
this movie is such a treat. i know so many of found footage films are not too good, but, this one tickled us so much. the star is like a guy you have seen a thousand times on the El or at your local wawa. he's really kinda the perfect hero. i've been reading up on this ever since we watched it & i found a rumour of the film only costing the guy $300 to make. don't know if that can even be true, cause just renting editing equipment, etc alone costs a lot of $. i've also read that it's going to go down as a cult classic. idk, i just fell in love with the character & the movie, made me happy!! : )

John Kenneth Muir, he's the author & blogger who reviewed Mr. Jones (on his found footage Friday) & really liked it. he kinda said it best about found footage movies. he really digs them & admits to so many being on the bad side, but, he also said, that just makes him dig the good ones even more & should set the bar higher for other film makers to want to make good ones, so this little flick gave me a lot of hope, cause i LOVE found footage too & am always looking for new ones.