Monday, January 16, 2017

Mirage Men

One of the best documentaries I've seen on the subject of UFO's.  The trailer makes it look like the same old stuff, but it's a fascinating look at disinformation and how lives have been absolutely ruined by it.  You'll feel like Fox Mulder by the end.

Now available on Amazon Prime.

Click below for the trailer:


girl6 said...

ahhhhh!!!! totally made me think of that Lloyd character, in that found footage (government/alien) film, you recommended on here a good while back. docs are always worth checking out i think, i mean why not, always cool to pick up new things & decide for yourself.

i think man always has & will always continue to suffer as long as he is not open to at least "the possibility" of magic, secrets & other beings (possibly even greater than ourselves) existing. why is it so hard to just be open to maybe. like to think that this is it, that's all there is kinda odd. i'm with Galileo, i think God, science (& whatever else) can all exist in the same universe together.