Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Casket

Here's to the folks who use real caskets in their displays.
The visual is always so unsettling to me.  Most likely due to the fact that I've only really seen these at real funerals.  And as a kid that was just way off the charts by way of comprehension.  And you only really see those wooden toe-pincher coffins in old vampire movies so they evoke a totally different feeling when you see them in a Yard Haunt.

Image by halloweenscreamqueen.


Jay's Shadow said...

It's interesting that you posted this. There is a company in York, Pa. named York Caskets that I was thinking of putting my resume into.
I think a casket would provide an ultimate night time sleep. Nice and cushy and no light will get in. Just as long as you can get out and have a bell on the outside to ring just in case you get stuck.

Keep telling my wife that I want one (I don't really sleep all that well). All she does is shake her head.

Jeanne Wright said...

A friend gave me one from a 70's Hammer film. The wood and fabric were shot, so we took all the hardware off and will build a new box for next year. I'm going to try to make it into a fog chiller.

Pam Morris said...

yes and yes....I have an authentic vintage (50's or 60's) infant coffin that always has a special place in my haunt--it evokes unique and very tender feelings. I look at the construction of that little coffin--the satin that billows and drapes out at the bottom (but conveniently folds back in when the time has come), the little lace pillow for such a tiny little head. Coffins are so much more than what they are.

girl6 said...

it's so strange when you have to pick a casket out for someone, i like the word coffin better tho, it just feels so much more homey & earthy to me for some reason. but, funeral directors rather the usage of casket. they make the whole shopping experience so sterile with all their lingo of metal compositions, ornamentations & oh yes, don't forget the liner!!!! which usually comes in a variety of three, as in $$$ $$$$ $$$$$. they're soooo concerned with nothing being able to slither into the actual casket, or maybe, it's actually slinking out that they're really concerned with. idk. either way. for some reason, it's as if they want to erase any romantic imagery that you may have of plain black wooden boxes, shabby beauties, bursting open with wild dandelion.

i definitely prefer the coffins of haunts & film makers hearts...<333

wOw...to own an actual Hammer coffin is such an Honour!!!! i would totally pop that beauty upright in my house & cherish it forever!!. : )

Rot said...

hadn't really thought of that.
must be really tough listening to that at such a low moment.
almost trying to guilt a person into making the best $ decisions.

My dad's going in a cardboard box.

girl6 said...

omg.. : D

hopefully, this won't repeat itself a 1000X
my DSL is the PITS