Sunday, January 1, 2017

The House Of Marrow

A bittersweet post over at the blog of fellow Haunter Marrow.
But first, some of this guy's stunning Halloween work from the past:

Read the blog post here.


Willow Cove said...

Well, congratulations Theo/Marrow! Consider yourself blessed for knowing what you what to study. Most people your age are still trying to figure that out. You made some amazing Halloween works. The Ghost Train is still one of my favorites. I and the rest of us old fogies hope to hear from you and see some artwork you make, Halloween themed or not. Send them to Rot to post here. Good Luck with school!

Jay's Shadow said...

I'm sure that Marrow will do another haunt eventually. Once you do it, it stays in the blood.

Would love to see what other artwork he comes up with.

Marrow said...

Well that was fast, Rot! A thousand thanks for being my megaphone over the years... it's been an absolute honor to be featured on this fantastic blog.

And thank you, Willow Cove! You'll probably catch me lurking in the comments on here for years to come, at least on the annual Halloween morning posts.

If I come up with anything that I think you guys would dig, I'll send it this way :)

Rot said...

Can't wait : )

Holy Tarra said...

I would give anything to have gotten started on haunting at Marrow's age. I had no idea he was so young. His work is so advanced....I can't wait to see what he comes up with after another 10 years or so. I am sure it will be astounding!

girl6 said...

i thought that was a very wonderful, honest & sweet post. i read about a gentleman who STILL finds great love in Halloween..but also a gentleman wanting to step out into the light of the world a bit more & try his hand at new creatives & interests. Marrow's not leaving October Country, he's just tending it's orchards with a bit more variety & the promise of EVEN more beautiful blooms. : )

BIG <3 to you always Marrow!!!

Griffin Greene said...

I'm gonna miss his haunt work, but I'm also thrilled to hear he's moving foward in life!