Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Anise & Clove Candles - Final Push

Re-re-re-RE-promoting these candles as we approach October. 
Important to note:  I get no kickback from these sales, as I realize I'm neurotic about mentioning them on the blog.  It's just that:
A.  I love them and KNOW you'll dig them.
B.  I need this company to sell them for as long as I haunt my porch.

(and all her other Autumn stuff is great too.)

Click below for the shop:


Gourdin Fester said...

I think I just snagged the last pack of tea lights so thanks for the re-re-re-reminders

Rot said...

uh oh.

I just sent her a message asking if she will have more.

probably should have done that first to make sure.

Rot said...

I heard back and she'll be listing some more tea lights quite soon.

Ragged Grin said...

Damn you Blumke...I was going to order this weekend! I'll just have to buy body spray and hobble through the yard as fast as I can to get the similar effect. Every TOT can have a spritz.

Gourdin Fester said...

It's all good- 48 more ready to go!

Primwitch69 said...

Ordering some too if she's making more.

Anarchivist said...

In addition to the candles, I'm glad they sell the spray! I plan to use that for my Halloween program this year, since it's in a place where I can't use candles. And I'm always happy when you tell us about products, since you're about as reputable a source as one can get about the quality of Halloween stuff!

Rot said...

I have the spray and love it.

Thanks..I appreciate that.

Griffin said...

My two large jar candles came in the mail a few days ago. Money well spent!

Rot said...


these candles are the only ones that have ever gotten comments from visitors on the porch. Always parents bringing their kids up. "It smells amazing up here!"

Love it. adds a ton to the experience.