Monday, January 12, 2009

Glow Sticks

Did you know that if you heat a glow stick under hot water it'll glow super bright? I didn't.
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bean said...

Let's do this tonight!

jay's shadow said...

my daughter always has glow sticks somewhere. i will have to try this!

Jon said...

Fact: I give away glow sticks on Halloween night.

Grim said...

That reminds me of something me and a friend did when I was in the Army while we were out on an exercise.
There were these two guys in our unit who were very easily scared, and because of this we would always try to scare them with stories about ghosts and things like that. One night we were all sitting around talking, and the subject turned to aliens and U.F.O.'s. After we had all gone to bed for the night my friend and I cut open some chem-lights (glow sticks) and smeared the liquid all over our hands and faces (probably not the smartest thing, but it didn't seem to hurt us). We snuck into their tent sometime in the middle of the night with our faces and hands glowing and I leaned over one guy while he was sleeping in his cot and began to poke at him with my finger to try to wake him up. I was right up in his face when he finally woke up and he immediately started screaming, and we both took off running back to our tent and never mentioned it again. The stories we heard them tell later of their "close encounter" were hilarious.
(I wouldn't recommend for anyone to do this, I was pretty young and dumb at the time.)

Rot said...

Jon, that's a very cool thing to do.

Grim, THAT is a killer story!
I LOVE it. If someone did that to me I'd be scarred for life.

Rot said...

we didn't try this yet.
we have a bunch around the house naturally : ) so there's no excuse.

The Captain said...

My brother and I were wearing these matching masks one night years ago, just playing around my house. We would pop up in front of windows to scare our family and then run, you know they kind of stuff a 16 and 25 year old will do when bored. So we decided it would look cool if we put some yellow glow sticks behind the eyes of the masks as we wore them, and it did. Yellow glowing eyes in gray old men faces. The only problem was we were running around, sweating under the masks and the glow sticks must have been cheap because the both started to leak. We didn't notice they were leaking until we came in the house and my wife starting laughing because we both had it all over our faces and shirts! The good old days, I'm going to ask my brother if he remembers us running around like madmen that night.

wahab said...

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