Friday, January 30, 2009

Now Playing: Halloween III

Picked this cd up a while back. The complete score for HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH was one of those things I never thought I'd get my hands on. The hospital scene from the beginning of the film featured the best music from the film in my opinion and it had been left off of the original release. Track 13 Hey Boom is the music to that scene.

Some samples.

Hoping a complete score is released to BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA which includes the airport kidnapping scene. None released so far have contained it.


Grim said...

That cd was pretty hard to find, and expensive when I was looking for it. I ended up getting a bootleg copy for about $5.

Grim said...

Oops, that is a different version from the one I have. Mine doesn't have that many tracks, and I don't remember Amazon having it when I was looking before. Guess I'll be making a purchase soon, haha. Good find!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation; another wicked soundtrack to add to the collection. I just purchased it. I am off to the studio to work on props and ensconce myself in the music!
stay true~