Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stick Men

Since my website went live back in 2003, I've gotten a lot of emails from people regarding my display. Really nice compliments, inquiries into my techniques for prop-building or photo-taking, and cool links from people showing me their own props or directing me to sites they know I'd like. And sometimes I get negative ones.
When I started my blog, I decided to choose the option that allowed me to moderate any comments that were posted. That way I could moderate spam or anything that I felt was blog-unfriendly. The following is a comment I received this morning and I thought I'd share it, in the spirit of Glasnost : )

"Don't expect you to post this, but let's get serious! Your shift in themes into your 2008 display was bad! Both your photos and your video are just not up to the caliber of your previous hanuts! You have your fans! I'm one and have been for several years. It's hard to keep the displays fresh and inviting! Having seen what you can do in the past, I expect more of the creative Pumpkinrot I've come to love. Tough as it may be you must get away from your stick men. You also have to freshen your blog...You are the best but you have to reach down inside and find the creepyness that drew so many to you... As I said, I don't expect you to post this... really I don't want you to. Moderate and delete... then go to the basement and get your creep on. Blow all of us away next year! "


Anonymous said...

To each their own; the world is full of idiots! I for one truly admire the fact that you always switch up your themes each year. Looking through the archived photos of past years I have seen the growth and maturity in your abilities. You have kept things fresh and interesting! You have inspired me; sparking my creative side that laid dormant for so many years. I now dedicate time each day to work on my props; it has become therapeutic. Escaping to my workshop, turning on music and getting lost in my creations. There are times I end up working until the wee hours of the morning. Wondering where my night has gone! I frequently find myself searching the web, books, and galleries for inspiration. I hike the woods, and kayak the waterways always searching for the perfect piece that will inspire my next creation. I have started a blog myself collecting pictures for reference and hoping to inspire others as you have done for me!
As always stay true to what you do!

Anonymous said...

"Let's get serious?"

I don't think I can with that profusion of exclamation points.

The crappy thing with being at the top is that some little jerk is always throwing clods of dirt at you, trying to topple you. You're a legend in most Halloween communities and for good reason.

Jon said...

I'm a little confused. I thought Pumpkinrot did all this stuff because he loved doing it and wanted to share it with people. Is that still okay or will he and others have to start measuring up to perceived standards now? Wow, this internet is a tough business.

Let's get serious.

I could see being upset if you had been charged admission to this site and didn't like what you saw but this is basically a free invitation to a person's front lawn to view the results of their creative effort. Not satisfied? Bummer. Move on. Or go make something better. Good luck to you.

Constructive criticism is one thing. These comments are just misguided, rude and disrespectful in my opinion. Way to punish someone for sharing.

Grim said...

Simply put: I liked the 2008 display just as much as I did the previous years because once again it was very original and something I had never seen before. I'm sure 99% of you other fans thought so too.

I'm glad you don't do the same thing every year, and it has inspired me to do the same. I have also come to realize just how much more work is involved with changing a theme from year to year. Also... I'll take "Stick Men" over store bought any day!

jay's shadow said...

if you are not happy with what you see,dont look at it anymore. maybe "staight up" is just mad cause mr. Rot has a passion for halloween and a great talent and a web site that is very well put together to show off all of this. he did not have to share his talents with all of us. LETS GET SERIOUS...YOU DONT LKE IT, DONT LOOK AT IT.

jay's shadow said...

like grimm said, everything is original

Rot said...

Thanks, gents. I'm addicted to stick men, so I can't promise that there won't be any next year ; )

Brad said...

Bummer you couldn't live up to this guy's high standards, must be a horrible burden too have, fulfilling everyone's particular fantasies and all. I, for one, always thought the sole purpose of this site was your deep love for all things Halloween and a generous desire to share it with others.

The Captain said...

I read the post three times, and to me it seems to be a backhanded attempt at a pep-talk in order to get you to do what "he/she" considers to be better work.

I agree with my "peers" that have said basically "I you don't like what you see, you don't have to look".

Art is art, all art is judged.

JHMDF said...

Damn Rot, you really seemed to let this guy down, how could you!! hehehe. Im guessing the "stick men" are your scarecows? Thats your thing, you make kick ass new scarecrows every year with a new theme for the rest of the haunt.

Ohh well

halloween spirit said...

I think the label you used for this post says it best: "can't please everyone" :)

bean said...

I am perfectly fine with the person expressing an opinion - that's just the nature of the internet and the arts. What I am not okay with is him/her creating a a blogger profile just to do so and not doing it under the name he/she normally posts under. The opinion isn't the problem - it's the manner in which it was delivered.

And that is the last time I'll post something so serious. I detest this aspect of the internet. It's exhausting.

By the way, thank you for always highlighting the positive on your blog. In the muck of negativity that is on the internet, your blog is very refreshing.

Jon said...

What bean said.

Shellhawk said...

I noticed he didn't provide a link to his site, with his original creations. Hmm.
Rot, I like your stick men, and am inspired to create my own this year. I'm glad you'll continue to play with design and construction of these props, and I'm glad you're a big enough man to post that comment. Any time you have a public forum, you have to have a thick enough skin to deal with criticism. And constructive criticism helps us grow.
I'm not sure if that comment was constructive, but it was honest, as far as he was concerned, anyway.
Vive la difference!
And, if you think you can do better, buddy, you go right ahead!

Anonymous said...

In as much as we were informed this past year that we are Satanic, due to our interests in Halloween, the dribble that was sent to you doesn't come as a great suprise. It's unfortunate that we live in an age where people can't take something as simple as having fun with a holiday and your obvious ability to be creative as something to be enjoyed to the fullest. If it hadn't been for your site we might have just packed in the whole yard haunt thing a couple of years ago, but seeing your site and work brought back our old enthusiasm. As a result, the last couple of years have been more fun than I can really express.
As to the garbage that was sent to you, it's of no real importance and the source obviously just felt the need to feel self important.
On this end you will always be considered to be at an artistic level that we can only marvel at!
Keep it up, you're always our first read each morning after we turn on the computer.

Mr.Macabre said...

Well I for one would have to change my shorts if I ran into your stick men on a dark night, or during any daytime as a matter of fact! I have loved your work and the experimentation and innovation you have brought to the world of Hallowe'en has inspired me to think and create other things of my own.
You do a fantastically horrific job!

Bones said...

I agree about posting anonymously with a secondary profile. People should be confident in their opinions and express them openly, or not at all.

Personally, I think 2005 and 2007 are my favorites, photographically speaking, however they're all good and I enjoy seeing the new photos every year. I think people forget that it's an in-person haunt, and the website allows the rest of us to enjoy it as well.

That sort of back-handed criticism could have been expressed much more nicely and openly.