Monday, May 18, 2009


This goes back to an earlier post on Traditionalism and the state of your Halloween display before thinking of adding additional props. I absolutely love the design here: stacked old boards, rusty tools, hanging antlers and bones, cobwebs, cornstalks, piles of leaves, and jack o'lanterns - one of them on the top of a ladder. Even with the flash of the camera eating up a lot of atmosphere, you can tell this porch display is creepy and unnerving. And not one corpse or scarecrow in sight.

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Nev said...

Nice, nice.
Nice, nice, nice, N-I-C-E!

Brandi McKenna said...

It really IS nice, perfectly fall! And I decorate with antlers and animal skulls in a tasteful way in my home year round...such beautiful sculptures from nature.

The Captain said...

I see a human skull in the leafs and there is a full body dummy wearing camouflage to the left of the steps. But I do agree the simplicity of the display screams Halloween and Fall.

Anonymous said...

Captain, I believe that dummy of yours is a human being.

The Captain said...

Not the person who got caught on the edge of the photo, the dummy with the pitch fork through its leg that is actually laying on the steps.

Sorry Rot, I know this post is couple days old. :)