Thursday, September 17, 2009

1941 Chevy COE

This was one of those horror movie moments I'll never forget. I didn't know anything about JEEPERS CREEPERS when I put it into my dvd player. Then that strange truck flew up on the main characters' car and laid on the horn. Wonderful.

Here's a link regarding the whereabouts of the three trucks used during filming.

Additional information.

I'd love to tool around in something like that.


jay's shadow said...

love that movie. i drive route 30 every morning on the way home from work and of course everybody is in a hurry and riding my butt and pulling in front of me.... i bet if i drove that beauty they would stay clear!

Johnny Love said...

Was just watching this the other day. Such a great movie.

Sara said...

I haven't looked at a stretch of open country road the same again. That movie was cool.