Friday, September 4, 2009

Ghost Of Halloweens Past

I'm always amazed at her incredible collection.
I want it all.

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Ghoul Friday said...

She does have an amazing collection.

The glasses on their own are fantastic, but then you see they come with a serving tray!

Cast iron crows. The owl lamp. While I realize if the collection were ever sold off, it would be through auction or online, but could you imagine stumbling upon a garage sale like that? I think I'd faint.

Rot said...

I always dream of finding a yard sale with some tiny old lady who's getting rid of her ancient halloween decorations for a dollar.

just another mammal. However, this one is named Harold. said...

Wow... I had the Green Ghost game! I loved the pieces that glowed in the dark.

Sara said...

^LOL, rot. So do I. Haven't found her,yet.

I passed by this massive Estate Sale on a very busy street a month or so ago and nearly caused an accident while craning my neck (while driving of course) to see if its Halloween decoration table held anything valuable. I don't *think* it did, but I'm kicking myself for not going back.

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Very generous gal who loves to talk about collecting. I really hope to gift my collection before it ends up at an estate sale. No one in my neighborhood would appreciate it. LOL