Friday, September 4, 2009

Target Halloween

Not in the stores yet, but a bunch of stuff online. Target seems to be the last store to get their Halloween shelves stocked each year.


Shes Off Her Rocker said...


Nev said...

Those lights at the bottom look like the multi coloured version of the lights I got which flash and play the Halloween theme. Very cool if you have a Myers haunt like I did one year.
Target looks like they might have some different but cool stuff this year.
By the way, notice how glitter seems to be the new Halloween trend in stores?

Rot said...

Glitter does seem to be everywhere. I blame Martha : )

Texmom said...

I was in Target yesterday, and they have started putting up their halloween display. Maybe by this weekend it'll be finished?

screaminscott said...

The Target near my work DOES NOT HAVE ANYTHING.


I've already visited Big Lots, Micheals, Jo Ann Fabrics a dozen times.... I need a new Halloween fix!

Sara said...

Dear Target,

you know I love your clever and cheap holiday decorations, but nobody wants your glitter stuff. It's weird. And that stuff will NEVER come off your clothes or skin and come Christmas time, you will be talking to your husband and realize he has a speck of glitter on his nose and you haven't bought ANYTHING glittered since your last stint at Target, MONTHS before, for Halloween stuff and HOW DID IT GET THERE?! So, tell your designers to stop copping out with their Halloween designs while trying to pass it off as "festive" and ditch the glitter. That goes for you, too, Martha.

Thank you.

JHMDF said...

I kind of dig the top skulls. We are going to be building a skull cluster that has LED candles sticking out of the skulls mouths.