Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Snapped these last night.

The first [real] pumpkin of the season.

His fake friend.

And my personal favorite Pumpkin Ale.

by Post Road.


Bob said...

Post Road is GREAT but I'm telling you, you HAVE to make a trip up to Crabby Larrys for their Pumpkin Ale.

It's not on their list yet, but it's the best Pumpkin Beer I've ever had. I think I may even call them and find out when and if they are making it this year to reserve some. Also, Iron Hill Brewery makes a Pumpkin Ale microbrew as well.

amy said...

where do you buy yours rot?

Rot said...

I got the Post Road at some small store that sells seafood-to-go. I stopped in to get some Sam Adams and saw the orange pumpkin on the label and grabbed it.

Sara said...

^ We tried the Sam Adams October Ale and my Husband loved it....ok, ok, so he only loved it because it was called October Ale. Whatev. :)