Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tiny Contents

The miniature coffins of Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh.

In the coffins were miniature wooden figures. They were dressed differently both in style and material. There were two tiers of eight coffins each, and a third tier begun, with one coffin.
The extraordinary datum, which has especially made mystery here:That the coffins had been deposited singly, in the little cave, and at intervals of many years. In the first tier, the coffins were quite decayed, and the wrappings had moldered away. In the second tier, the effects of age had not advanced so far. And the top coffin was quite recent-looking.

From Book of the Damned by Charles Fort

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The Frog Queen said...

I have seen those. They are amazing and the fact that no one knows what they are for makes them just that much more mysterious. (Don't believe the Burke & Hare story...not many do.)

Edinburgh, is a creepy, city full of all kinds of dark tales, it is my favorite city :)

Thanks for sharing.


Pam Morris said...

fascinating..I must rewatch that "Rebus" episode...excellent Scottish crime dramas...