Thursday, February 3, 2011


Just placed an order for this Old School Devil mask from Trick or Treat studios. Only $19.99.

Looking forward to photographing this guy.

Trick or Treat Studios.


Sara said...

Looking forward to *seeing* said photographs. :)

Also, where is Bean?:( I miss her blogs!

Rot said...

She's still around.
I'll get on her about that ; )

Marrow said...

Cool! Sure you'll like it. TOT Studios is a great company.

My friends just don't GET the whole old school halloween thing. They thing it just looks fake. *sigh*

And is agree with Sara about Bean. She hasn't posted in aegis.

Why not set a good example for her and do some work on Haunt Theory! Yes? Yes?!

K.O. said...

Nice horns! Truly bone-like.

Pam Morris said...

looks my "water zombie" mask not long ago and I love it. really quality stuff!