Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Get Your White Trash Whiter

Some old news, but it looks like Rob Zombie directed a Woolite commercial.
Yeah, for real.

Neat pics.


Sara said...

Too bad he can't make his movies look as cool as this....Woolite commercial. o_O

So weird.

Does anybody even *use* Woolite anymore? Wah wah waaaaaah.

Rot said...

I wonder if he was pulling the horror community's leg?

But it has yet to be outed as a joke.

And I still use woolite. After I'm done darning my socks.

; )

Autumnforest said...

Oh, what a wonderful inspiration for my day off. I'll be writing my horror novel all day long and I needed such images.

K.O. said...

Hilarious blog post title. :)

MorbidMariah said...

I really wanna see this commercial. It might just be the coolest laundry soap commercial ever.

Anonymous said...

Rob Zombie did a laundry detergent commercial. Sigh...he's turning conservative in his old age, isn't he. Next he'll be wearing khaki shorts and a polo...

Tina S