Friday, May 13, 2011

The Slowing

Apparently there's a trend on youtube where songs are slowed down 800X to achieve an ambient-like experience which captures the essence of the original song, but prolongs the experience for over thirty minutes, depending on the length of the original.

Here's a 13:56 minute portion of a 33 minute version of Thomas Newman's Any Other Name which I posted a few days ago. I was always left wanting more of that track. Very neat to find this treatment.

And kinda mesmerizing.

Click below:


Jay's Shadow said...


Maybe I could try this with a Metallica song.....

Then it would probably sound like a satanic ritual.

Marrow said...

I've listened to a slowed down version of Rebecca Black's Friday. Don't listen to the original. Please, DON'T listen to the original. Trust me. It hurts.