Friday, February 28, 2014

Conal Cochran's Speech

Re-re-re-post, but it's great.
I wish I worked for Conal Cochran.  I bet St. Patrick's Day at his house is amazing (assuming he'd invite me).

Click below:

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Jay's Shadow said...

When I become president, this will be my acceptance speech.

Willow Cove said...

You'd be his court artist. Making scarecrows for his big festivals. Out of real bodies of course.

Ryan said...

The one single thing I would have changed from Halloween 3(other than the kinda silly robot guards) is, instead of using the masks to kill kids, he should have used the masks to take control of the kids' minds and send them out to kill the adults.

Think about it. Why did the ancient pagans wear costumes and masks on Samhain in the first place? To make themselves look like the ghosts and demons and monsters they thought were entering the realm of the living on Samhain, so that the monsters wouldn't hurt them.

So what better way than to make people fear All Hallow's Eve again like they did 3000 years ago than by making those ghosts, demons, and monsters come back in the form of trick r treating children and slaughter anyone and everyone with wanton abandon? The kids own parents included.

Packs of Jack O Lanterns and Skeletons and Witches hunting anyone and everyone out and about on Halloween. Similar to how Michael Myers stalks his victims.

And you gotta admit, seeing little kids in those masks and costumes just appearing and then slashing someone to death with a knife or other sharp instrument would be pretty goddamn terrifying.

Yellow Phantom said...

Man I LOVE that movie :-D

ShellHawk said...

Oh, yes...

Could I be C.E.O.? Pretty please?