Friday, February 7, 2014

The Horror Of Buck Rogers

A great entry at

Click below:


girl6 said...

is that..........erin grey

Rot said...

It is indeed!

Jay's Shadow said...

I think that vampire is creepier than most of the ones I see today.

girl6 said...

hahahaha..yeah, i think it's the ears & giant eyebrow.

i have to go google erin grey & see what she is doing these days.

Sara said...

Lol I totally missed this post!!! Sigh. Buck Rodgers. My first crush ever. How Mork trumped him I will never know.

Rot said...

: D
A stocky hairy man to a short strange loud and crazy hairy man.



girl6 said...

Funny boys are BIG <3 stealers, they just make ya feel sooo Good with each laugh & smile.

Sara said...

True girl6. Funny guys rule.

My taste has changed a bit though, lol.

But my tall, unhairy husband quoted Freddy Kruger this morning in a hilarious way and my mind was blown. :D