Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Ice Storm Goeth

And it took our internet, cable, and phone with it.  The cold bastard.

We watched the sky lighting up all around us this morning as power transformers gave up the ghost.  An unnatural green color pulsing for an instant in every direction.  The tapping of ice and rain on the windows.  And the house lights flickering with each green burst.  Thankfully the power remained on.

Hopefully when I get home from work the interwebs will be back, and the lights will still be working.

It's the little things.


girl6 said...

Geeeezzzzuus!!.. :(

Good Grief!!.i HOPE y'all(including Miss Mabel) are Okay!

ours just came back on, apparently something blew underground, during a fire up on spring garden street..uggghhh

the first thing i did when the power came on was fill out an app for a kitty we are in LOVE with (Autumn)..Please wish us luck. :)

Autumnleaf said...

Have a very, Very safe drive home.....and stay warm! Sorry about your phone and internet. Hopefully none of your beautiful trees have been damaged.

Rot said...

Thanks : )
I was knocking a lot of the wet snow from earlier in the week off of the shrubs. They were flat like a giant beached octopus.

Then the ice came...

Rot said...

WOW, girl6. That's great news.
You better get her.
PERFECT name : )

This better happen!

Rot said...

Internet/phone/cable restored.
So many tree limbs down.
More so than when Hurricane Sandy came through.
Tons of people still without power.

Amy said...

Was awoken agt 4am to a dripping sound : (

Bedroom window leaking (pouring) water. Time for new windows & siding..son of a..

Rot said...


Jay's Shadow said...

So far so good in my house. Though others close by have no power. Ugh.


When those transformers begin to explode, it sounds like Frankenstein is coming to life.

Rot said...

cool beans.

Ragged Grin said...

Wishing ALL of you the best, obviously this latest round is no joke. Supposed to get more over this way on Saturday. Fun, fun. Stay warm, dry, safe.

Jon Glassett said...

I'm glad you guys are doing okay, pop cultural semi-isolation notwithstanding.

Get any pics?

Rot said...

Shamefully, no.
I SHOULD have taken pics...

I'm lame.

Autumnleaf said...

Glad your connections are restored. They are threatening rain here. I'll believe it when I see it.
@girl6, you BETTER get that kitty! Great name,btw.

girl6 said...

Thank You so much Rot & Autumnleaf for the GOOD luck wishes cause she's here!!!.<3333333

we picked up Autumn (i added moon to her name) last night.Sighhhh..LOVE is in the air. :)

Rot said...