Monday, March 31, 2014

Ghost Hunting Is Expensive

Clicked on a banner on a horror site...  had no idea this equipment was so expensive.  And I had no idea there were EMF Bears.

This is not your average bear!
BooBuddy has the attractive good looks - and so much more. This emf bear asks EVP questions for you in a cute, friendly voice. Children will love it, but this is definitely not a toy.
When it comes to ghost hunting and paranormal investigations, some theories suggest that using an object familiar and attractive to an entity may entice them to interact. This is called a 'trigger object'. BooBuddy is just that and more.

Set BooBuddy and turn it on to detect environment changes and start asking questions. Make sure to set a recorder or camcorder near the doll to document any potential responses. That, and BooBuddy loves being on camera!

BooBuddy is not a toy - it's an investigator!

Click the BooBuddy for some equipment pricing:


Rot said...

If I were a ghost, I'd melt BooBuddy with my centuries-old loathsome ghost hate.

Willow Cove said...

If I were a ghost, I'd talk for some BooBeer...
"I think we captured a paranormal belch"

Memnet said...

Wow! I have some ghost hunting equipment and it wasn't cheap but that stuff really is a bit spendy. I had to admit that BooBuddy made me laugh. :)

Rot said...

Carrying BooBuddy into a haunted house must be a very depressing action.

Sharon Day said...

It should say "GET OUT!"

Jay's Shadow said...

Ha. Yeah, they're pretty pricey on that site, probably because it's a paranormal website. They usually use the teddy bear to attract children.

But it would be embarrassing to be walking towards a scary, run down building carrying a teddy bear.

Ryan said...

The world is beautiful.

girl6 said...

Right on!!.

i can totally imagine him saying that line from the Ghostbusters song too, "i ain't afraid of No ghost".

so, "who ya gonna call?"

Rot said...

: D