Thursday, March 13, 2014

Halloween Cakes

I feel I can judge my mother's love for me by the disappointing lack of cool things like this during my youth.

Click for the recipe.


Jay's Shadow said...

I feel the same with my wife now .

Me yelling form kitchen: "Rot post a recipe for Halloween cake"

Un-thrilled wife from the living room: "You don't need Halloween cake."

Sigh. Ask Bean if she will make me some Halloween cake and Fedx it to me.

Rot said...


will do.

My mother deprived her children of the joy of a stack of pancakes. She'd serve them to us one at a time. so we never knew the joy of a stack of pancakes like you'd see on tv. Sounds trivial, but I'm pretty sure this was a form of neglect.
Like god forbid set them aside in foil to keep them warm for a few minutes longer until you had a stack-worthy quantity.


bean said...

One Halloween cake and one stack of pancakes coming up....

Jay's Shadow said...

Yum. :P