Thursday, March 13, 2014

Killer Legends

The documentary Cropsey is in my top five favorite films (I'm not sure what the other four are).  If you haven't seen it, you really should.  Trust me on that.  Click here for the trailer if you're curious. 

Chiller TV is airing a two-hour doc regarding urban legends by the creator and narrator of Cropsey Joshua Zeman. 

Click below for a segment.  The production value looks terrific.

Now if I only had Chiller TV.
And click here for more information.


Jay's Shadow said...

I SO wish I had Chiller T.V. I sometimes catch an advertisement of some sort about Chiller T.V.

They seem to have lots of great shows and movies. :(

Steve Ring said...

There's a program on Amazon Prime called Urban Legends, that ran on TLC back in the 90's that I can recommend. It covers all the horror ULs (the hook, vanishing hitchhiker, gators in the sewers, lovers lane killer, etc) but also, regrettably, all of the lame Urban ULs, too. Te reenactments are amusing, at least, and they get into the background of the legends and different versions. You can find most of them on YouTube under the original title Mostly True Stories.

Rot said...

Cool, steve.
I'll look that up.

K.O. said...

WOW. Thanks for the info. I loved Cropsey too. Very psyched to hear that those filmmakers have made something else! Maybe it'll be available online (like iTunes or Amazon) after it airs? Man, I hope so. :)

ScottT said...

'Cropsey' is one of most atmospheric flicks I have ever seen. So boss.