Thursday, May 1, 2014

Monster Music

If Gareth Edward's Godzilla is even a fifth as good as his film Monsters, I'll be a happy man.

Click below for a track:


girl6 said...

Carl has this for us to watch tonight, he's been talking about it for awhile.

& he just showed me one of the funniest, animated super shorties, Bambi meets Godzilla, i think it's called..OMG...hahahahha
check it out rot.

screaminscott said...

Blocked by copyright issues for me

Rot said...

girl6, that's funny....if i'm not mistaken, that's been around for many's hilarious.

I recall seeing that when I was very young... a giant foot, right?

girl6 said...

Oh yes, a gigante Godzilla foot flattens bambi. it must be an oldie short from back in the day. i think the sweet & peaceful music is what really makes it. : D