Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Paranormal TV

I propose a new fictional tv series with a paranormal team investigating hauntings in their town.  Subtle and creepy, with very little captured evidence.  With interesting scripts/stories, and likeable NORMAL/AVERAGE characters/actors, not young models.  And it all builds up to a final episode that's truly terrifying.  And classy.  (And only six or eight episodes.)

A long time ago I think I recall reading that Joss Whedon was going to do a small England-based followup to Buffy the Vampire Slayer that dealt with a small team of paranormal investigators, led by the guy who played Rupert Giles.  I think that would have been cool.

Rambling here, but I needed to push that horrid Disney bear face down a few inches.

My proposed show would absolutely have nothing like this.


Der Krampus said...

This could be simply amazing...it all comes down to the finale. I like the premise though and the ending sounds like a twister that would put M. Night Shyamalan to shame.

Damian Michael AKA HalloweeNut said...

I know this isn't a TV show (a bi-weekly podcast, actually), but I think this might be something you'd be interested in:

They also have a spin-off podcast called Tanis which is also pretty good. Let me know what you think.

girl6 said...

Poor Poor wendell. : D
i love the still you chose!!!>HAHAHA

sounds good dude & like you pretty much have it all ironed out. & yesssss when you're hollywood ugly.....you're Gorgeous with glasses!!. : D

there was a show once....& i swore chris carter was involved...it was about a group of young archeologists. i can't remember if it was supernatural tho?. i also think james marsters (spike from buffy was involved). like i see this as clear as day, a hundred years ago advertised as an upcoming show for a NEW Fall line-up. But...i can't find anything on it whatsoover. it musta been on like only 2 eps. or something like that. i remember being SO excited about it.

Autumnleaf said...

I wish we could see more from Joss Wheden and Chris Carter. As bubblegum as Buffy may have been, the writing made the show entertaining and compelling enough to come back for more (well at least for me...there, I confessed). Millenium was a great mix of writing AND the right cast.
Didn't mean to get off topic, but a resounding "Yes"....I wish the ptb had followed through with some of these projects.

girl6 said...

i think joss whedon & chris carter are such great writers, they hit all the right notes. buffy was such a gem of a show, i especially loved seasons 1 & 2, i loved all the well done homages to like the old universal monster days. i'm especially fond of the inca mummy girl ep & the one where the male swim team all turn into gill man type creatures, sooo good! & of course in later yrs, the gentlemen & the musical one ("once more with feeling") are masterpieces, i think .joss wrote all the tunes too. sigh. such great stuff. & Millennium is truly one of the greatest shows ever!! frank black, a hero for everyone. yeah, frank b, chris c & joss w...the perfect trinity.

i remember chris c saying that the original nightstalker was his biggest inspiration for Xfiles. so cool that he was able to spin off from that great show & still feel new.

this post got me wishing for a show..something like northern exposure but w/ a little supernatural spin would be soooooo nice.

Rot said...

Northern Exposure...my personal favorite show of all time.

girl6 said...

yeah....one of a kind for sure. so perfect it was.

Autumnleaf said...

Oh yeah, Nightstalker. There was an show that was an island unto itself in its time. Wasn't it aired as part of a trilogy with McMillan and Wife and McCloud? Didn't watch much of Northern Exposure (sounds like I should have?)

girl6 said...

i'm not sure about what the line up with Nightstalker was. i think it aired on friday nights. sunday night is another cool & spooky slot for tv shows like that. definitely catch northern exposure if you can. it's such a homey & wonderful show, the best americana folk out there. james marsters is even in an ep or 2.haha. oh hey & don't forget "friday the 13" the tv series, packed with lots of cool eps about recovering cursed objects. soooooo good!!

Autumnleaf said...

Sounds like I need a trip to the video store (Amazon) I'm assuming all these gems are on dvd now. Thanks girl6!

girl6 said...

hey Autumnleaf..just in case you didn't know, you can most likely borrow these from your Free Library. even if your local branch doesn't have them, but another branch does, you can do a request & have them sent to your library for you to pick up. Ohhhh & keep your eye out on Amazon for their daily sales, we were able to snag the complete Dark Shadows Series for an unbelievably great price. soooo happy to be able to own it, such a treasure.

Autumnleaf said...

Very cool! I'll keep checking Netflix as well. A friend added me to their account.