Saturday, July 23, 2016

Kong: Skull Island

I'm in.


Sara said...

Lol just another reminder of how much I don't like apes.

girl6 said...

man...being tiny & watching the original King Kong on tv with my pops on a saturday afternoon AND falling in love with Kong, only to have him shot down off of the empire state bldg was SO heartbreaking for me. i cried my eyes out, like the bad hiccough kinda crying. my popes had to console me..<33333333333

every time we go to NYC...we always always swing by the empire state bldg. ahhhhh heartaches..sometimes they hurt so good.

so i'm down for this!!!!

p.s...i did think Pete Jackson's version of the Kong Island natives were VERY VERY Creepy & Scary!!!!...BRRRRRRR

The Gill-Man said...

I'm digging the idea of the "shared universe" with Legendary's Godzilla. Brings back memories of watching the big monster throw-downs on Saturday afternoons as a kid.Loved all those silly, man-in-suit monster movies...and still do. Looking forward to this.

girl6 said...

i just read the actor who portrayed "easy e" in staright outta compton is also going to be part of this cast. i am EVEN more excited now!!. <3