Saturday, July 16, 2016

Halloween III Flair

Awesome buttons from The Devil's Workshop.

Click below...


girl6 said...

these really do look so old school. i love the pkg card too. pins/badges are so cool, i love using them to tack up random fave pics all over the house. it's like double dose of love, fave pic tacked up with fave badge...sighhhhh

we snagged each assortment of the badges available at JC's concert...can't wait to use em as thumb tacks, especially the "they live" ones....gahhhhh!!

Autumnleaf said...

I like this idea of using them for tacks. I used to have a premiere button from Alien....'In Space No One Can Hear You Scream.' White letters on a space background. I thought it was pretty cool to not include the title of the film. Hope I still have it! I'll have to dig.

Girl6, Too cool that you were able to snag some JC pins. I'll bet those are rare as hens teeth.

girl6 said...

Autumnleaf, i really hope you can find your COOl Alien pin!! i have always thought that tagline to be probably be the coolest ever, SO great & SO perfect for the movie too. i would love to come on Rot's blog one day & see a photo (you took) of your pin, tacking a pic to the wall.<3

hens teeth..HAHAHHA..i gotta look that up.
i don't know if the pins were printed exclusively for JC's concert or if they're available elsewhere. i always have this dream of a very sparse room, like just a bed, a window and the most perfect pic (just one) tacked to the wall with maybe, the consume badge from "they live". but, i just can't seem to commit.