Friday, June 30, 2017

Begging For Candy


Willow Cove said...

Those places usually have a few unclaimed bodies who n the basement!

girl6 said...

five bucks!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!
i dig their frugal style. : D
& that witch IS everything!!!!.<3

the last time, i was in a funeral parlour, it was October, i was so exhausted, our dude there, made me a cup of pumpkin slop with the keurig. uggghhhh. alls..i wanted to do, was go deep down into the basement & lay down with my mom, away from everyone & just listen.

Unknown said...

love the witch in the background! (and, of course, the little guys are perfect as always!)

Autumnleaf said...

Girl6, you brought up an amazing irony here. First of all...Sad! the loss of a mother. I'm so sorry for your loss and that memory. But it seems so odd that we all sort of 'dance' around our fascination w/death and skeletons and ghosts and anything related to the hereafter. But the reality of loss of someone close....I had a hard time putting any skeletons out for Halloween for a few years after I said, 'goodbye'. It was too personal. I wonder what changes over time. I am fascinated about what lies beyond, and always will be ...till I find out for myself. I guess I am hopeful over the fact that we don't know everything. I guess this is part of the love and infatuation of the season.

girl6 said...

Thank you Autumnleaf, that means a lot to me..<3
you really hit the nail on the head. honestly, we get so caught up in pondering things that aren't for us to understand. what i do think is life is JUST the beginning. there's SO much more & the nay sayers are just afraid, so they don't even phase me in the least, with their denials of other existences, lives, creators & so forth. they can have their dreary sciences & explanations, they don't recognize magic & what a loss for them. they cannot know, for their hearts are dull, so whatever. Galileo knew the deal.

yeah last October was Horrid & so were the 6 months leading up to it. worst times of my life. my mom was my first love, my first & best friend (reading spiderman comic books to me at bed time.) she was even born in the month of October. she told me once, when i was 3 we were out together, grocery shopping & i was coming down with a cold & was all fevered up & cranky, so she bought me one of those little plastic, pumpkin pails, with the handles & she said, i kinda lit up right away & didn't want to let go of it, even weeks later, i was still running around with it. that little pail is the most valuable thing i own. so yeah, my October Country was really fucked with last year. it will never be the same again. she's every plastic pumpkin pail & pumpkin spice coffee EVER. like Watson (BBC) always says to Sherlock, "it is what it is & what it is..Is Shit"

i know this long comment will bother some (probably most) people. funny, that something like this would annoy them. just for the record, No one online can ever really know anyone, like ever. & if you think you KNOW someone or have them "pegged" simply from being online with them, you're fooling yourself.

Autumnleaf said...

Girl6, wow. It sounds like October just became that much more poignant for you. It marks your moms first and last steps on this earth.... and when the hurt dies down (and it will with time) you will realize that she became part of more than ever. You are the keeper of momness.

My mom also had an October birthday and was diagnosed that same month. She was gone 7 months later. That was 13 years ago.. and still sometimes it was yesterday. We were only 19 years apart and she too was my first love and best friend. Only instead of a plastic pumpkin pail it is gardening. Yes, IS gardening. Every time I walk out to the pumpkin patch she is there. I even still use some of her gardening tools. Dang...I still have some of her favorite seeds! And just to keep it in the season (and hopefully somewhat topical..sorry Rot) I still have her black cat. Claire is 17 now.

So, girl6 it sounds like there is more than just Halloween to commemorate in October. Not to discount the open wound that you are dealing with...time will help with some of that..although never completely. Yes, I think October Country will never quite be the same. Part of it now belongs to mom.