Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ben Revisited

Sara, click below:


Hopsy the beer drinking clown said...

That was a solid minute of hilarity, I'm still laughing!!!

Rot said...

same here, man.

there are quite a few of these out there...I had no idea...and short documentaries on Ben Tramer that are hilarious... with guys in that silver mask.

he's a legend...and, according to one of the vids, SURVIVED THE ACCIDENT..for, you see, he didn't die in the blaze...the mask merely melted on his face.


Sara said...

Lol call me sick,sad or weird but I laughed that entire video. And the fake documentary following that video was good too! Hah!

I'm so glad I clicked! :D

girl6 said...

hmmmm...& i see, it's a Mexican death too.
this proves my motto...Latins DO IT better!!!

Willow Cove said...

Never laughed so hard in my life.
Then I wanted tacos.
Someone should make a Ben Tramer hot sauce. "Accidental Fireball" or
"You can run, but ya gonna still burn"

Rot said...

haha...that'd be GREAT

girl6 said...


a Ben Tramale!!!

Rot said...

Ben didn't come out right.

girl6 said...

it's cool, we KNOW you're not a prejudiced weirdo.

& Flamers burgers are pretty good. i can totally see the Flaming Ben on their menu list too. man, now i want a Flamers burger!!!!!!!!!!!. : D

Sara said...

All brilliant ideas, blog friends, brilliant ideas. Lol.

highbury said...

Poor Ben Tramer just went Chick Chickie Boom Chick Chickie Boom!