Thursday, June 15, 2017

Midwest Haunters Convention: Highbury Cemetery-Style

Been looking forward to this post, as it always has the best photos out there.

Click below to see Highbury Cemetery's event photos from the latest Midwest Haunters Convention:


Jay's Shadow said...

Man, what fun that would be. And I would have to take cash cause I would HAVE to buy something.

highbury said...

Thank you, sir! This year's convention was a ton of fun and the words and pictures just gushed out!! Enjoy, all!

Unknown said...

truly amazing photos--almost like being there!

girl6 said...

it woulda been SO hard for me to leave the Vincent Price & Ardath Bey behind. like i'm pining for them right now & i didn't even see them in person!!!! that Phantom of the Opera is pretty fine too. gahhhhhzooks.

we haven't done the Haunter's in a few years now. the one over here was definitely deteriorating with each year. felt so sad & i don't understand why is was going that route. it was always SO much fun tho setting up on Thursdays & being reunited with everyone after a year of being apart!!! Fridays nights (the late night) was always great too, always felt like that's when all the FUN attendees showed up. i always felt like they loved the convention SO much, that they raced over straight after work. the rest of the weekend always felt kinda lonely to me, i think it was ALL the posers. they never help any situation.

Oh & that Tar Man like critter is a Beauty!!!.<333
& are silicone tits really considered costume?!?!...HAHHAHHAHAHAH!!!
don't leave home without em. : D

Willow Cove said...

Awesome pics,Highbury!