Saturday, June 17, 2017

Now Playing: The Mothman Of Point Pleasant

An exceptional soundtrack by Brandon Dalo.

We were driving around last night listening to this score.  Crazy good.  An entirely different animal played outside of the documentary.  Highly listenable on its own.  And truly creepy.

As two old school soundtrack collectors, I was just telling my brother that I haven't been this excited about a soundtrack release in a very long time.

Re-posting the soundtrack samples below:

Image source.


Unknown said...

this is awesome, truly awesome. played it over and over yesterday and heard more depth and nuance every time. you really don't get tired of listening. thanks for the recommendation, Rot.

Willow Cove said...

I was listening to this last night. So great. Might have to go for a bike ride in the woods while this is playing.

Autumnleaf said...

This one I really like! Just ordered it.

Rot said...

you won't regret it. every track is highly listenable. it's a perfect film score. very chilling.

Autumnleaf said...

Can't wait for its arrival. Need some October mood music around this 100+ degree heat.

girl6 said...

that's so romantic driving around together & catching some tunes.
the Mothman would be SO honoured!!!! ahhhhhh, he knows tho. he knows a lot stuff that beautiful furry boy.

Autumnleaf said...

It came.....I'm in LOVE!