Friday, September 19, 2008

Farewell Summer

There are those days which seem a taking in of breath which, held, suspends the whole earth in its waiting. Some summers refuse to end.
So along the road those flowers spread that, when touched, give down a shower of autumn rust. By every path it looks as if a ruined circus had passed and loosed a trail of ancient iron at every turning of a wheel. The rust was laid out everywhere, strewn under trees and by riverbanks and near the tracks themselves where once a locomotive had gone but went no more. So flowered flakes and railroad track together turned to moulderings upon the rim of autumn.
"Look, Doug," said Grandpa, driving into town from the farm. Behind them in the Kissel Kar were six large pumpkins picked fresh from the patch. "See those flowers?"
"Yes, sir."
"Farewell summer, Doug. That's the name of those flowers. Feel the air? August come back. Farewell summer."

From FAREWELL SUMMER, by Ray Bradbury
(Temps mostly in the 70's all week - hopefully summer is dead)


Jon Glassett said...

"hopefully summer is dead"

Amen, brother. Nights in the 40's up here. Great nights for backyard campfires--a fall tradition for us.

Rot said...

I envy your backyard campfires.
I've always wanted a fire pit.