Monday, September 15, 2008

Two Neat Sites By The Same Studio

Vintage Halloween goodness:


Mourning collectibles and memorabilia:


RebelShade said...

My friend found some of those pumpkin lanterns in her attic and would not come back into the house until they were removed. They are so awsome.

Rot said...

I would have gladly removed them (and kept going).

I don't own any vintage mache lanterns. Not even reproductions.
I've always wanted them.

scar3crow said...

Your links are going to destroy my workday productivity... Nevertheless I am content to admire and envy. Your site (which I've followed for a while, though I just now somehow discovered your blog and was inspired to rip you off/start my own) has been an inspiration on me regarding decoration and my wife has been nudging at me to take up papier mache sculpting.

Though I'm not so ambitious to make an outright corpse, but something smaller like a simple child's halloween mask such as you can see in the Trick'r'Treat trailer (the Halloween school bus massacre).

Nev said...

This is a great shoppe. Ive been here before and they have amazing little things to buy. My favorite is that lacy drape for the lamp and the matching curtain border.