Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hanging Zombies

Being a huge fan of the hangman prop, and an even bigger fan of the twitching hangman prop, I was thinking that a neat idea for a haunt would be to have a bunch of zombies strung up and dangling from a large tree. Some by the feet. Some hanging by the neck. Five in total. Three twitching, maybe one of them with its hands gripping the rope above its head. Two of them dead (not twitching) due to gunshot wounds or heavy blows to the skull (or maybe one of the ones hanging by the feet is headless).

Image source.


El Capitan Jason said...

"They" sell the mini version of this, the hung upside-down twitcher at Michaels Crafts for about $10-$15. I had considered throwing one in a closed coffin to get that trapped inside sound. You could easily build a life size hanging zombie and slap one of the twitchers inside at the lowest point to get the life size zombie to twitch and flail about.

Slag Zombie said...

We have a tree in the far corner of our yard, and it would scare the crap out of people if we did something like that, once again, great idea, can't wait to see it in action.

Rot said...

slag, i was just tossing that up as an idea for a haunt...don't think I'll be doing that any time soon. maybe one day i'll get brave with animatronics.