Monday, May 4, 2009

Attics, Witches, And Pumpkin Sentinels

Visited the folks' house this weekend to slither into the attic and start collecting some supplies for the 2009 display. Brought home a bunch of stuff to get started on. After all these years, I realize that I associate a large part of Halloween with the dusty smell of an attic. Back in the days of my youth when I still lived at home, I can remember times my brother and I talked about putting some sleeping bags up there and spending the night in the cramped space of the attic. Not sure if our parents shot down the idea or if we just chickened out, but we never did it. The insulation fibers in my lungs probably would have been a neat sensation come morning. Or the nails poking through from the roofing would have done a number on my skull in the event I woke up and forgot where I was and sprung up too fast. And then there's the creepy darkness. That's probably what did it for us. Why we didn't camp out up there. Not even once.

A line from Ray Bradbury's poem In-Between goes: "Attics are awful and lovely." And I agree.

Going to be working these coming weeks like a fiend on the Corn Witch display. The Witches will get a make-over. Other props will be created, so there will be a lot of additions and surprises. Two creatures I'm going to get started on will be The Pumpkin Sentinels. They're going to be at the base of the walk to greet anyone that's brave enough to make the long walk to the porch for candy. And it's going to be a VERY long walk this year. I promise.


Johnny said...

"The Pumpkin Sentinels"
I have regressed to a 10 year old with the level of excitement that line induced.

bean said...

I do love going up into that attic.

Johnny said...

Oh yeah -
I agree with Jon Glassett, please write the book!

The Captain said...

I love going up in to my attic over the garage to see all my children up there waiting patiently to be set free in to the front yard on their favorite night of the year.

Rot check the link below

jay's shadow said...

i remember my grandmother's attic,big and beautiful
i think i am going trick or treating at your house this year...sentinels,corn witches,long and dark,ground fog rolling low....i feel like a kid again

Rot said...

Zombie Chicken award! : D

Jon said...

The attic. A source of great inspiration.

My parents live in a section of my hometown dubbed "Machine Shop Village". It was housing for employees of a nearby mill that made textile machinery. The houses in the area date back to about the mid-19th century. Directly above my old bedroom is an attic room that had been walled off at one time but later reopened. To get to it, you have to dangle precariously over the attic stairs to climb through a rough opening in the old wooden planks. A little tricky, but worth it for the scraps of old newspapers and other treasures we would find up there.

I still get goosebumps. The places that attic would take my imagination. Not all good, I must admit.

JHMDF said...

That attic pic is fantastic! Long path huh....make it a go on forever!

Grim said...

Man, I can't wait.