Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The search is on...

It is distilled from organic sugar cane grown in the U.S., and has a lively, burnished rose-gold color.
Incredibly unique in flavor, fairly clean on the palate with strong notes of birch, peppery herbaceousness, spices, citrus and vanilla bean.
Very aromatic in the glass and finishes medium dry and exceptionally full-bodied.
A truly original spirit with a strong enough backbone to hold up in cocktail; a classic, but like nothing else.

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Damien Stafford/ The World Inside My Head said...

Is this what rootbeer is made from? Where can I find some?

Rot said...

To the left of the website there's a locator button.
Hopefully there's some in your state.

Damien Stafford/ The World Inside My Head said...

Thanks, Rot! I didn't see the website link before. Interesting stuff!

crudedoodle.com said...

found this at my liquor store and just bought it. It's strong and really flavorful. I can't wait to get home and pour some over a glass of ice.

Stac said...


Just picked up some Root as I was passing through Shrewsbury (been wanting it since you pointed it out) and noticed a companion bottle, Snap. You should look for some... very good stuff