Wednesday, June 23, 2010

They Won't Stay Dead

In 1967, a group of talented Pittsburgh-area filmmakers and actors led by director George A. Romero joined forces in order to break into the feature film business. Produced for just over $100,000, the resulting production, Night of the Living Dead, has since become widely recognized as the birth of the modern horror film. Since their meager budget did not allow for an original music score, producer Karl Hardman selected cues from the Capitol Hi-Q production music library which Romero masterfully edited into the film. The end result was spine-chilling. Although this same music had been used more than a decade earlier in low-budget efforts such as Teenagers from Outer Space, The Hideous Sun Demon and The Killer Shrews, it would become forever known as the soundtrack to Night of the Living Dead. Featuring all-new digitally restored audio from original library LPs and reels, this is the most comprehensive music score ever released in any format for the modern horror classic that just won't stay dead!

Cover art by Mark Owen.