Friday, August 26, 2016

Digital Decorating

AtmosFX, Legendary Pictures, and filmmaker Michael Dougherty have joined together to create a stunning new digital decoration that captures the spirit of Dougherty’s 2007 indie horror classic “Trick ’r Treat.”
The AtmosFX “Trick ’r Treat” Digital Decoration features Sam, the mysterious child in the burlap-sack mask, who ties together the feature film’s intertwined Halloween-themed stories. These all-new vignettes will remain true to the theme of the original movie, in which Sam dispenses his own unique brand of grisly justice on anyone who does not adhere to the traditions of Halloween.
Like its R-rated film counterpart, this digital decoration features horror-themed content and is not suitable for younger audiences.
AtmosFX’s “Trick ’r Treat” Digital Decoration will be available as a high-definition (1080p) digital download in late September, 2016.

Click below for some more info and a video:


Terrormaster said...

That's pretty cool. I've yet to use any projected effects in my display. I'm so on the fence with them. It's like CG vs Practical FX in movies. CG looks cool when done right and can do a lot of things that are cost prohibitive if not just flat out impossible with practical. But practical just feels more real. Projected FX almost feels like we're cheating as haunters. Not to mention they're just not as visceral as practical physically present props. You can't approach them at any angle and feel any sense of depth. And there's a sense of accomplishment and pride when building practical props.

Jeff Prentiss said...

I think digital effects should be used in a similiar way as lighting, not as the main attraction but as a way to add atmosphere to the main practical effects and backdrops

The Gill-Man said...

I agree with Jeff. They should be an accent, not the main focus. I've used them in the past, but I always try to make sure that the practical effects and props are the main focus.

To be honest, I'll buy this one...even if I never use it for the haunt. I pretty much snag anything Trick 'r Treat/Sam related.

Jay's Shadow said...

Sam digital decor........awesome.

To bad I just do static haunts. I'd would go for the ghosts and skeletons.

wicKED said...

I got an email from them today (I subscribe to the newsletter) and saw this at about 8am...Totally thought about emailing you! Work got in the way but glad you saw it!

Sean Blanck said...

They say it will be R rated like the film. These videos are advertised as something you display out of your front window on a large flat screen TV. Not sure that some neighbors are going to be pleased with R rated material be broadcast. Will it be R rated for gore or for half naked werewolf transformations?

Jeff said...

Agree with Gill and Jeff. I approach it as a great accent tool, I can see projecting weathering, etc on a house to give it a dilapidated, ominous look and I like some of the insects and ghost vids as background, but as a supplement to "real" props.