Thursday, August 18, 2016

Halloween Video

Like Halloween in a can...  by October Dreaming.

Click below:


Jay's Shadow said...

Makes you want more.

Sara said...

This is perfect. I hadn't clicked the sound but when I did , it made my morning.

Totally following this dude on Instagram now. How fun.

Rot said...

This guy's instagram collection is amazing.
click on the October dreaming tag on the blog post to see some of his best stuff.

girl6 said...

dreams do come true!!
i totally agree with the cozy comment on instagram. would love to be kicking back on that porch, having a beer & listening to the other world, specially on the big night.

no disrespect...just personally, for me, this is how i prefer my Halloween. i can't get into the giant attraction size stuff. & that doesn't mean that i don't find that kinda stuff EXTREMELY Beautiful. i just prefer the cozy. like this. : )

Rot said...

same page.
This kind of Haunt is the spirit of Halloween to me.
All the other varieties are amazing, but the old school basic food groups variety speaks to me most.

I see my later years as doing this stuff... my retirement plan... : )

girl6 said...

yeah Rot, this is the forever, for always. : )

Autumnleaf said...

Perfection. Simplicity. Great retirement plan!

Jeff said...

Wow you aren't kidding. Really cool stuff. In love with some of those graveyard pics. And as much as I love my haunt space, I'd really love a porch like that. Retirement indeed.

Primwitch69 said...

Love it!!