Thursday, September 14, 2017

Trailer: The Snowman


girl6 said...

made me think of Will Graham.
we've been in so many movie theatres lately & i have only seen the poster for this, which is really very super cool. NO previews tho. i'm down i think. the poster for the movie "Polaroid" is really cool looking as well. once again, no previews tho. sometimes i think the posters are the BEST part.

that preview. i saw a snowwoman..a dead blue chick. : (
HAHAHAHAHAHA SO good tho for movie purposes.

awwwww!!!!that still. he's like "hug me".

Rot said...

a coworker told me about this trailer and as I watched it this morning I said unto him, "this feels like a Hannibal episode."


girl6 said...

yeah, it truly does. i almost said that. but, it doesn't quite have that epic zing that Hannibal has, as in...i'm still hoping that Bryan Fuller succeeds in getting another network/provider to pick up Hannibal.

trailsnet said...

Reminds me of the cult classic Christmas horror movie "Jack Frost" starring Scott McDonald as Jack Frost.