Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Nightmare City Halloween Album Covers

Updated link from a 2008 blog post...(click the album covers to find the ones that play):


girl6 said...

omgggg. i'm lost here. SO much love. diamond dogs is sucha wonderful choice for a Halloween mix, but, i don't think, i ever woulda necessarily thought of it in that way. i clicked onto the COOL cover pic of the twinning chicks, holding the pumpkins over their faces, in the 2nd row. wow!!! sucha a cool cover & i dug the tune too by Musike Di Diable.

gonna take a lonnnng time to go thru these. so cool to get all these perspectives.

Rot said...

total overload, right?

so many options

Sean Blanck said...

Similar to another page I found on Scarstuff blog. I see the Halloween D records is also null on this site as well. All of the old Disney stuff is cool.

siys said...

Hello Rot, Thank you for the kind post and Happy Halloween to you!

Sean: Check out Halloween D Records now on the Nightmare City Halloween Albums page!

Also, of interest is Halloween on D Records has been released to CD by the same company that originally released the album, under the updated name "Don's Halloween". You can find it here: Select-O-Hits Store

Cheers from Stevo In Yr Stereo of Nightmare City Halloween