Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Halloween: High Noon Style

Promoted these guys before... With their latest now released, and even another on the way soon, High Noon Records offers Halloween fans an alternative to the tired and cliched music played at Halloween parties every year. Electro/Western/Dub/Rockabilly/Surf/Swamp Hop Halloween music. Insanely cool Halloween music.

I own them all and I very highly recommend them. Pretty excited about High Noon's upcoming release by Dead End Ranch called "Atmosfear."

Halloween at High Noon.

Volume I samples.
Volume II samples.
Volume III Samples.


Johnny said...

Thanks for this! Always on the lookout for new Halloween music and I have about 100 pepsi-points to spend at Amazon. :-)

Rot said...

I love their stuff and listen to it all year long. said...

I have all 3 volumes too. They become more fun around October but are totally listenable all year long. Halloween at High Noon: Return of the Creeps is the reason I'm lugging my giant old Heathkit speakers out of my basement this week.