Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Her October issue is out and it left me feeling as if it were missing something. Don't know if she's going to do a purely Halloween issue, but I certainly HOPE so. Cool stuff and photos as usual, but it just didn't feel as Halloween-ish as past years.


DeadmansLog said...

looks like that might just be the current edition, and not the holiday special.

I will moan and rage if there is no holiday special. I love that issue. :)

Johnny said...

I did dig the "Ghostly Whites" Ghost in the graveyard setup in 'Palette of Pumpkins' and the haunted house cake is excellent

Rachel said...

I went to my crappy Wal-Mart during my lunch. They still have the September issue out. However, I did get some Caramel Apple Candy Corn!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. Her magazine has suffered a decline in quality the past few years (after her legal troubles and incarceration, in my humble opinion. It never seemed to regain its stride after that).

Anonymous said...

I snuck away to B&N today on my lunch break. Swiped the much awaited October Martha off the rack. And opened it with anticipation.

Much to my dismay you are completely right. It was an absolute disappointment. Mostly it was just low quality, cheesy decorations.

I've searched high and low on her website for any word of an upcoming special "Halloween" edition. And I've found nothing.

I don't think I can wait one more year. :(

Nev said...

Yeah, another year of junk from Martha. She use to be so good. Having said that, I picked up her Halloween DVD and Pro Pumpkin Carving set and I can tell you it well made up for the crappy issue.