Friday, January 23, 2009

THE THING - Sweded

Bean sent me this link the other day. I absolutely love this spoof.

John Carpenter's THE THING - Full Sweded Version


Alex Printz said...

wow, I've always loved this cut of it:

but I never knew there was more! It was already a long cut for a swede. By far my favorite swede to date.

JHMDF said...

That was the best thing ever.

The Pac Man part made me spit out my soda!

Jon said...

So awesome. I need to make one of those. It looks like a blast.

Grim said...

I watched that the other day from her link. That was very funny, I also saw a pretty good Lord of the Rings one on YouTube.

The Captain said...

"Jiminy Cricket's underware" that was freakin hilarious!

"I didn't spend three years in the back of a bus studying surgery for no reason!"

He was the best!

VooDoo.13 said...

That was just great..