Thursday, June 24, 2010

Schell Sculpture Studio

Some beautiful pieces here.


Pam Morris said...

I know, this guy is one of my sculpting heroes...he has a video I saw once (youtube or deviant art? can't remember) demonstrating how he creates an eye for one of his 'dolls'--just uses airbrush and by the time he's done it looks more realistic than a real eye! absolutely one of the very best figurative artists out there

Rot said...

It was neat seeing some sculptures that have been mass-produced for Halloween props. Grosferatu and some other popular designs. Didn't know where they came from before.


I saw William Basso's name attached to one of them. That's great to see. I love that man's style.

Mantan Calaveras said...

Yeah, I have a Grossferatu, excellent sculpt, and a very nicely made prop.

I wonder if Morbid Industries outsources all of their work, or if they are just sharing an employee or two.

Also, wow I hadn't seen William Basso's work before, really great stuff.