Friday, June 11, 2010

Shop Monsters


Morgan said...

Love the ground-breakers. I tried to emulate the one second from the top (at least the pumpkin part) last Halloween. Turned out okay, but I am no match for the master.

What do you use for the pumpkin heads Rot?

Rot said...

I always feel guilty answering that question...I use foam pumpkins from Michael's for the pumpkin-headed guys.
It's really the only way to get a smooth realistic pumpkin. I'd make one out of mache if I was going for a rotten, mushy look. But you just can't beat the foam ones for realism.

I use Funkins for the Sentinels.

Jay's Shadow said...

I really like how you have the body blend in with the back of the head. Shows good craftsmanship, you wouldn't see that with a store bought piece!

Rot said...

Thanks, man : )

Morgan said...

Thanks Rot. I actually used Michael's for mine, but the one here didn't have that great of a selection. Probably because the area I currently live in HATES Halloween. All the stores ran out of stuff 2 weeks before the 31st and replaced it all with Christmas decorations. If they weren't national chains I wouldn't even of had that. Fortunately I'm out of here in two months.

Mantan Calaveras said...

"I always feel guilty answering that question...I use foam pumpkins from Michael's for the pumpkin-headed guys. "

But Rot, the paint job is so good it adds a lot to them. Really gives a sense of subcutaneous rot.

What I really dig is that gnarled flesh on them guys. What do you use for the skin? I've been thinking of trying sheets of packaging tissue paper.

Rot said...

I use smooth paper towels for the skin. Dipped in glue mache - two parts water to one part elmer's glue.

Theodore said...

These are fantastic!
as normal
the one on the top with the broken jaw gives me chills.

i constantly struggle to get my hands on skulls and will probably never see a foam pumpkin in my life!

... i dont live in america...

your paint jobs are AMAZING! do you use sponges or airbrushes or drybrushing?

coz it looks great!

a question about your groundbreakers...

are they very stury and hard?
i made some myself and was disapointed at the weakness of there paper mache skulls? what and i do to make them harder?

Outstanding work

JHMDF said...

What the hell.... where did these come from??? I was not prepared for new big pieces!! I want the top ground breaker! They all look sick as usual.

Rot said...

Thanks so much.

I spray them with black rustoleum flat black paint to seal them before I paint them with a small brush using acrylic paints. Browns and black. I dry brush and wet brush and then when it's all done I seal them with a waterproof sealer that lets the mache breathe. Very durable.

The mache skulls I use are packed with tons of paper wrapped with duct tape so they're very solid.

Hope that helps.