Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Blumhouse HALLOWEEN Official Images

Click below....(digging the Halloween II Michael Myers vibe from this Myers photo):

Thanks again, Sara!


girl6 said...

dag man..Mike is looking xtra butch in that new pic. & Jamie Lee is giving off some real Kathy Williams vibes (her mom, Janet Leigh's character in The Fog)

so i felt the need to look up Ben (Bennett) Tramer & i was able to get his social security number 135-77-1386..his birthday June 20th 1961 & was reminded he is the only character not killed by MM. And..i learned that Bennett Tramer is also the name of the write & producer of Saved by the Bell. it's Jackpot Wednesday for sure!!

what kinda credit would i be able to secure using Ben's social sec # i wonder.
dag man...identity theft. spooky!!

Jay's Shadow said...

Standing tall and proud.

Sara said...

I enjoy this pic the most. There was talk about him being in some kid’s closet in the trailer. That scene in 4, where he pops up from the floor at the end of jaime’s bed. That scene killed me as a kid.

Unknown said...

good idead