Monday, June 4, 2018

Trailer: Suspiria

Great trailer, though I wish it were its own film and not a remake of something this household worships.

Can't wait for Hollywood to invent its own stuff again.  Take chances on original ideas.  Make new legends and classics.

Click below:


Steve Ring said...

I think it looks great too. I'm glad they didn't try to reproduce the gel-lighting effects, though. That would have just been silly. The story looks really different, though there are a few callbacks that I can spot, not just for the sake of fan-service, I'm sure.

Anarchivist said...

This actually looks pretty good! I'm concerned about the soundtrack, because what could be better than Goblin? But I'll give it a chance.

Jay's Shadow said...

Hmmmm. I’ve never seen this.

girl6 said...

ooooooohhh. wOw man..that was some trailer. & it has the strangest feels. felt VERY unnerving to me..creepy & dreadful. did you like how they replaced all the glamourous high tech Argento colours with earthiness & drab now? in looked & felt a lot like a Rob Zombie Lords of Salem. wise move with the earthy route i think. cause, that's the total opposite of the bright Art Deco Glam Dario gave to us.

i know we talked would they handle the soundtrack for a NEW Suspiria? cause Goblin's version was totally the baddest ass witch of them all. their music was easily the 4th mother & dag were her sounds powerful!! i noticed she too sounds much earthier in this new version. like the LOS soundtrack sorta.

Luca Guadagnino as director. now that's a beautiful Italian name!!! i think it would be shameful for this Icon to be directed by a gringo. no good.

i was really tickled by some of the cool glimpses i caught in the trailer. the shroud of turin..haahaha REALLY caught my eye. the maggots scene was SO Lucio Fulci's Zombie!!!..loved it. & the polaroid clipped inside the journal was sucha nice small earthy touch.

i NEVER thought i could LOVE the Original Suspiria MORE..until we caught the 4K UNCUT RESTORED Version on the BIG Screen last October. i'm NOT kidding when i was a godly experience..seeing & actually feeling it. i'm ruined now. watching it at home..will NEVER be the same again. Since you ARE a BIG Fan Rot.. you MUST see it on the BIG Screen. otherwise you haven;t really seen or heard it the way it was meant. : )

Original movies are always the best way to go. but, let's be honest. Horror is still a much smaller genre compared to others. it STILL needs a lot of help. & if people aren't going to go outta their way to support ($$$$$) NEW horror films it's not going to happen. studio heads certainly aren't going to help or care. ONLY the Fans can truly help. True Fans (of anything) can be saviours if they Look at the Friday the 13th tv series. they thought that was never going to see the light of dvd day. but it did..because it got enough fan help. we tried to help by signing the petition. gotta support movies in the theatres too..gotta go see em.

there are some good remakes..RoboCop..Manchurian Candidate..Total Recall..The Fly..Invasion of the Body Snatchers--Donald Sutherland..You've Got Mail..Ocean's Eleven IS wayyyyy beter that the original. hahahaha!!! the original is a tragedy & not a Greek one!!!

before you posted this cool trailer. & Thank You SO Much for doing so!!!!
i kept watching this video..Vinyl Lacquer Cutting of Goblin SUSPIRIA LP for New “Ghoulish” Gary Pullin Book

over & over again.

Rot said...

yeah, I think this trailer is pretty rad.
and the scenes feel very unique. Like i'm watching something made a few decades ago. Very interesting and it's making me root for it to be an incredible film.

girl6 said...

& Thank You Rot for your's a gift. i REALLY appreciate ALL the work you put into it & share with us. are one of the BIGGEST Supporters of Horror: whole nine yards. we are lucky to have you. : )

Hal9thou said...

Tilda Swinton? I am so there.

girl6 said...

so i watched this & the Suspiria vinyl cutting video a few more times yesterday. i'm addicted!!!! i kept thinking about the NEW Suspiria soundtrack & how much the tune really reminded me of something besides the Lords of Salem music & then i realized it sounded like the music from The Shining. & C., reminded me..that Rob Zombie said, how Lords of Salem was heavily influenced by Kubrick. Dag all comes around.

Tilda smokin on that cig like a champ!!! hahaha. soooooo good!!!

girl6 said...

ughhhh...i forgot to mention the NEW IT as a cool remake. we watched it again last night & i thought of this post. it's sucha beautiful & effective remake. i feel kinda bad forgetting to mention it sooner.

ok...i'll see my way out now.

Rot said...

girl6, thanks for the nice words about the blog : )

was happy to learn that the composer of suspiria scored this i'm pretty stoked about the film score now.

and film.